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Affinity score calculations

Environmental Uptake Score (EUS), a measure of affinity for the environment, is based on the fraction of available metabolites the organism takes up, calculated as

num uptaken / total present in control.

For each individual organism, two scores are calculated for use in predicting potential compatibility of each partner organism in culture with the selected reference organism.

Fraction of Metabolites under Competition (FMC), which is the percentage of metabolites taken up by the organism for which it competes with the reference organism, calculated as

num uptaken by both / total uptaken by org.

Fraction of Metabolites for potential Exchange (FME), which is the percentage of metabolites uptaken by the organism that are released by the reference organism, calculated as

num uptaken by org and released by ref / total uptaken by org.

Observed Actions on Metabolites

>16-fold decrease >8 >4 >2 >1 no change >1 >2 >4 >8 >16-fold increase
  Present in environment No data
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